1Z Winter Coat with Built-In Harness – G.W. Little

1Z Winter Coat with Built-In Harness

$ 43.19 $ 46.99

Product #217368     |     Brand: PawZ Dog Boots
21 reviews
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It's no wonder this "1Z dog coat" has a patent!

How cool is this:

A new high-tech coat designed like a great ski jacket. Slips on easily over your dog's head. Includes a zipper up the back of the neck for those blustery days when the wind and snow are blowing.

Nylon harness is sewn in between the layers both in front of and behind the front legs. Pull the harness taught from the top for a perfect fit against their chest, and to keep the weather out. Use the adjustable stop to keep the harness in position. Attach your favorite leash and you're off.

The 1Z coat uses innovative new textiles which are soft, lightweight, and very durable. Inside feels soft like polar fleece and the entire coat is washable.

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