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SleepyTime Tonic Drops 1 fl. Oz.

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If they shake during a storm, get jitters when traveling, or whimper all the way to the groomer, just use this homeopathic elixir from "Happytails Canine Spa®" to calm and relax your little dog. Sleepytime Tonic works to nourish the physical nervous system and assists in in retraining efforts to break bad habits. 1 fl . oz. bottle with droplet cap
  • an organic, homeopathic remedy that is safe and effective
  • a blend of Back Flower Essensces and other all natrual plant extracts
  • will work within 20 minutes to calm an anxious dog, but when used over time, will help to rebalance and retrain them to be calmer
  • perfect for travel, bad weather, tripts to the vet/groomer, fireworks or separation anxiety

Vervain, Skullcap, Passion Flower, Valerian, Zisyphus, Wild Lettuce Blue Flag, Liquorice, Parsley, Bach Flower Remedies: Aspen, Cerato, Wild Oat, Mimulus, Larch and Impatiens, Natural Flavoring (honey)


Shake well before using. Add a few drops to your dog's water, to a treat or, if they'll let you, directly into their mouth.
For a small dog, use one dose twice a day.

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