Scrappy Soft Metallic Choke Free Step-In Harness – G.W. Little

Scrappy Soft Metallic Choke Free Step-In Harness

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Product #223988     |     Brand: Scrappy Pets
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The latest Scrappy Pet step-in dog harness are in a metallic series featuring rich gold or silver colors. Designed to be choke free by eliminating pressure on your dog's neck and sensitive airway while walking.

The swivel safety release snap allows freedom of movement when your dog walks.

Made from premium remnant patent leather sourced from the finest handbag manufacturers and complimented with silver toned hardware. Includes a sliding D-ring, simple buckle design and safety button release (pull up and snap down on the dimple).

How to use the Snap feature on Scrappy Pet harnesses.

- To open: Locate the dimple on the snap. Lift up on the snap right where the dimple is.

- To close: Hook the opposite side of the dimple to the snap then push down on the dimple side last.

For best fit, the buckle side of harness goes on the right leg side of your dog.

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