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ProDen PlaqueOff - 60 grams

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Just A Sprinkle a Day... keeps the plaque away! That's right, sprinkle this 100% natural powder, made from a specific strain of seaweed, on their food. The seaweed is harvested from North Atlantic water far from populations and is always tested for heavy metals for purity.

After ingesting, your pets' saliva will break down the bacterial bio-film that forms on their teeth and gums which holds plaque and tartar. Also prevents bad breath, and plaque and tartar from returning. Dogs love it! Lasts one full year for one small dog. 60 grams.

Size Daily Dosage Average Supply
based on a 60g pot
small dogs & cats up to 22lbs 1/2 scoop 1 year
medium dogs 22-55lbs 1 scoop 6 months


This specially selected seaweed strand D1070, has been found to be of benefit in terms of reduction of plaque and calculus. When the seaweed strand is ingested, the ingredients are absorbed into the bloodstream and then impart to the composition of the saliva an ability to dissolve tartar and to prevent new layers from gaining a foothold. Just a sprinkle a day of ProDen PlaqueOff can significantly help control dental plaque, tartar and bad breath.


"The day before I was scheduled to take in my 14 year old for a teeth cleaning I was introduced to PlaqueOff. I immediately cancelled my vet appointment and started both my dogs on the program. Just 2 weeks into the program I noticed a substantial difference in both dog's teeth. Murfee was spared the vet cleaning experience and has gone from terrible breath to a slight odor in his breath and a noticeable difference in the plaque on his teeth. Mitzi had immediate results, although she had just a small amount of tartar build up, after a week on PlaqueOff she had shiny white teeth with no visible build up. PlaqueOff works great and I look forward to minimizing my vet bills in the future with this product." - Cheryl, Riverside, CA - Murfee, Shih Tzu, Age 14; Mitzi, Shih Tzu, Age 2

"Buddy had serious tartar build up as well as bad breath. I thought of taking him to the vet to have his teeth cleaned, but it was too expensive (over $200.00). I was introduced to PlaqueOff in mid-January. I noticed a big difference in his breath in the first week and the appearance of plaque started to diminish in the third week. No brushing required, just a small amount sprinkled over his food each day. Its inexpensive and works great! I would recommend this product to all dog owners." - Denice, Rancho Cucamonga, CA - Buddy, Jack Russell Terrier, Age 6

"PlaqueOff has done wonders for my older dog's teeth. They stopped bleeding and his breath is better." - Irene, Washington

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

We've tried other teeth cleaning products, and this one is the best. We tried Leba III and didn't get any results after months. We saw results with ProDen in about 2 weeks. I like ProDen more because it doesn't contain alcohol and is easier to give to my dog than Leba III. I would highly recommend and will purchase again.

Very Satisfied

I am very happy with the product and the service given, it arrived just in time and in perfect condition. I will order again without a doubt.

Plaque off

My kittens and big cat really fight when I try to brush their teeth. So far so good with Plaque Off in their food.

Best product ever

My pets are fussy so this product is good for times I'm not able to brush their teeth. Very gentle on the stomach.

PLAQUE OFF really works!

I have been using Plaque Off on my 12 yeas old yorkie named Nini for the last 3 years and it really works helping her keep her teeth clean. To help Plaque Off do its work I clean Nini's teeth every other day. I highly recommend this product to all dogs (by the way, my 7 years old westi mix Tita used it everyday and he has no need to see a dentist.

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