Rosewood Portrait Pet Urn

$ 89.99

Product #413454     |     Brand: Angel's Ashes
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Pet Urn - this elegant picture frame not only holds your favorite 3½" x 5" picture of your precious small dog, it also houses cremains for up to a 30-pound pet. Exquisite Rosewood veneer with seven coats of finish provides a high polish lustre. Provides the appearance of a conventional photo frame and stands upright on a flat surface or may be wall-mounted with the provided hanger.

Price includes nameplate inscription. Brass plate may be engraved from 1 to 3 lines (up to 25 characters per line, including spaces). Ships directly from the artisans. Dimensions: 6.5" h x 5" w x 2" d.

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Pet cremation questions?
Please read the pet cremation "Q and A" document below.

Mourning your little one, read Here Today, Hurt Tomorrow.
Q. What is a cremation?
A. Cremation is simply the hastening of natural processes, wherein through heat and evaporation the body is reduced to its basic elements. It may surprise you to learn that ashes are not the final result, they are in fact bone fragments. These fragments are then further processed into a powdery substance and are called cremated remains.
Q. Isn't pet cremation an end in itself?
A. Some people may regard it as such, but most families feel the cremated remains of a pet they love should be afforded a resting place that can be identified by the name and dates. This is memorialization. Most families find that pet urns and memorials serve a basic human need to remember their loved pets.
Q. If I have my pet cremated, how do I know I will get my pet's ashes back?
A. Ask your Veterinarian to guide you to a reputable pet cremation services facility. Request a "private cremation" which indicates you do not want your pet's cremains commingled with other animals.
Q. How do I put the ashes in the urn?
A. Typically your pet's ashes, or cremains, are returned to you by the veterinarian or crematory providing your pet cremation services in a plastic box or other simple container. The ashes should be contained in a secured plastic bag within this container. You may transfer the entire plastic bag, with the cremains remaining in the bag, into your pet urn.

If you find it's necessary to repackage the cremains, we suggest using an appropriately sized zip lock bag, or a plastic bag secured with a tie. Cremains are bagged to prevent an accidental loss should the pet urn be dropped or damaged.

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