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PetZlife Oral Care Spray (4 fl. oz.)

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Little dogs just love these all-natural Oral Care treatments from PetzLife derived from grapefruit seed extract. Use the spray be itself or use with the Gel and watch even the most severe tartar fall away. Your little one's health is immediately improved- from curing gingivitis that leads to heart and health problems to avoiding anesthesia required for cleaning teeth with your vet.
4 oz. Spray.

Learn what you can do for your dog when it comes to their teeth. Read Good Dog, Bad Teeth! or My, What Pretty Teeth You Have



"I wanted to let you know that I highly recommend your product. Just like your product states after two days of use my pet Dog Cibo's bad breath cleared up. After the first week of brushing twice per day almost all the brown stains have disappeared. I had canceled my appointment with the Vet for his teeth cleaning that was going to cost around $300.00. The cost of the teeth cleaning at the Vet was a strain, but what really bothered me was I had lost my previous dog, (which my wife and I considered as part of the family) to an over dose of Anesthesia at the Vets office for what we were told was a routine operation. I lay in bed for weeks, wondering if this would happen again to our new dog which again is considered part of the family. One night while all this was going through my head about his upcoming cleaning appointment I thought of doing a wild search in the Internet for Pet's Teeth, when I did your web site came out first, of course that is when I decided to give your product a try. I am so happy I did." - J. Tucci

"Out of desperation, I ordered your product a little over 2 weeks ago as Laci has a problem with plaque and I didn't want to have her teeth cleaned by the Vet after all I have researched regarding the risks involved. We have used [the spray and brush away gel] for 2 weeks and she has had 3 brushings. I am amazed! the build up is gone and the white is showing through. No more swollen red gums either! I am convinced that in a short time her teeth will return to the pearly whites she had as a puppy." - D. West

Customer Reviews

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Works OK

Ive used this product on my 2 chihuahua's and it seemed to really help in the beginning. I think I wasn't using it to its full potential, 2x day, and I wasn't always consistent. You may have to still brush the teeth but the plaques basically falls off. I RECOMMEND THIS!!!

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