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PetZlife Oral Care GEL (4 oz.)

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Little dogs just love these all-natural Oral Care treatments from PetzLife derived from grapefruit seed extract. Oral Care Gel by itself or use with the Oral Care Spray together, and watch even the most severe tartar fall away. Your little one's health is immediately improved- from curing gingivitis that leads to heart and health problems to avoiding anesthesia required for cleaning teeth with your vet.
4 oz. Gel

Ingredients: Distilled water, grain alcohol, xanthan gum, peppermint oil, grapefruit seed extract, grape seed extract, thyme oil, neem oil.


Learn what you can do for your dog when it comes to their teeth. Read Good Dog, Bad Teeth! or My, What Pretty Teeth You Have



"I work in a grooming shop where Robin a 5lb Maltese was brought in with teeth you'd need a chisel to get the plaque off, also she had very rotten breath that could knock you over. Well we gave her mom a bottle of spray 30 days ago and she sprayed twice a day faithfully. Last Saturday Robin came in and to our total amazement her plaque was gone on one K-9 tooth and we helped just with a little prick of the finger popped the thickest pieces off the other. Thanks from all of our foul smelling mouth friends, who will be smelling sweet soon." - C. Brooks

"I bought the spray and the gel for my cocker spaniel, Camron. Camron is 5 years old and had never been to the vet for dental work. I called Camron's doctor last April to inquire about costs for dental work. The quote was $250-$350, depending on Camron's weight. I could not afford it. I was very discouraged and decided to look for less costly alternative. That's when I found Petzlife! It is truly amazing and very inexpensive!After the first use, the bad breath disappeared! I begin spraying and brushing his teeth, every other day, for 3 weeks. The plaque on his teeth began to disappear.Camron's teeth are 60% whiter than before. That's enough for me. His breath is still fresh and I am totally satisfied!" - L. Seay

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PetZlife Oral Gel

AMAZING! I was very skeptical about this product really working but it does. The dark brown plaque and build up on my poms teeth has actually diminished and improved. I am sold on this! I like it better than the spray because the gel can be easily applied with a Q-tip and you know it is getting on the teeth. I will definitely buy more when i run out. GREAT PRODUCT!!

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