Peluche Plush Powder Puff Ivory Throw Blanket 50" x 60" – G.W. Little

Peluche Plush Powder Puff Ivory Throw Blanket 50" x 60"

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Product #233803     |     Brand: Peluche Plush
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Powder Puff is the perfect adjective to describe this amazingly popular material.  Dogs just love it and you will, too, for its softness and cuteness.  Super soft shag fibers are 1-1/2" long and create the fluffiest blankets ever.  

Part of the exclusive Peluche Plush Collection from GW Little these huge blankets are 50" x 60" and designed to provide you and your small dog comfort all winter long.  That's over 4-foot by 5-foot square and the largest size we carry.  And, just in case you forget, please be sure to share this with your pets once you receive it; we know it will be tough to do once you feel how soft it is.  You may also send us a photo with your review showing how much your dog loves their new blanket.  

Approximately 50" x 60" and made in the USA.  Other colors available.

Peluche Plush Collection of luxury fabrics may be machine washed gentle cycle, and air dried or fluff dry with no heat to preserve softness.  It's always recommended to have long thread fabrics and furs dry-cleaned.  If machine washing please use a mild powder detergent.  Liquid detergents tend to be harsher on the fabrics.

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