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Peluche Plush Cuddle Cloud Dog Bed - Snow Leopard 24" Square

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Dogs go nuts for these new trendy Cuddle Cloud™ dog beds filled with Eco-Wool.  First, we start with a super soft and luxuriously plush cuddle cover in Snow Leopard (matching blankets available).  Next, we include a boxed insert filled with wool.  The cover is zippered for easy washing, and the insert is also zippered to access the wool filling if needed. Beds will arrive slightly overstuffed, please feel free to remove wool to suit your dog's firmness preference. 

Wool, especially Eco-Wool has numerous benefits for use dog beds.  To learn more, please read our blog article "Why Wool?"  Here are some of the highlights...

Benefits of Eco-Wool Filled Dog Beds:

  • Naturally, calming scent dogs are drawn to, trust us they LOVE it!
  • Soft and lofty wool fill cradles the body providing security and comfort
  • FREE from chemicals and harmful toxins, doesn't absorb odor
  • Amazing thermo-regulator! Adjusts dogs body temperature keeping them warm or cool
  • Goodbye allergies! Anti-microbial and Anti-bacterial. Repels dust mites for allergy-free sleep zone
  • Eco-friendly. Retire old wool back into the earth. Biodegradable provides valuable nutrients to the soil
  • Highest natural anti-flame resistant fiber known to man

Part of the exclusive Peluche Plush Collection™ from GW Little these exquisite high-end dog beds provide your little loved ones a super soft and luxurious place to slumber.  See our article "Why Wool?" for more information on the many benefits of using wool as the best fill for your dog's bed.

Optional:  to protect the insert from untrained or incontinent dogs, we recommend using washable pet training pads underneath the cover.

Includes FREE Squeaky Sheepy plush dog toy with every bed!

Approximately 24" square by 3" high.  Made exclusively by GW Little in the USA.


COVER ONLY:  Peluche Plush Collection dog bed luxury fabric covers may be machine washed gentle cycle, and air dried or fluff dry with no heat to preserve softness.  It's always recommended to have long thread fabrics and furs dry-cleaned.  If machine washing, please use a mild powder detergent.  Liquid detergents tend to be harsher on fabrics.  

INSERT:  spot clean only, do not put in washing machine or the wool filling will shrink, felt, and lose its properties.  You may place the wool out in the sunshine for a few minutes to rejuvenate and clean it.

Customer Reviews

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Chihuahua approved

I have a 13 year old Chihuahua who has had the same bed for many years. I have tried her with other beds but she will only use her old one. She will curl up on the bare floor rather than on a bed to be close to me. I tried the usual attempts to get her to like this new bed. I gave her treats on it. I put her favorite blanket over it. She suddenly decided that she really likes this bed. She will happily sleep on it while I watch TV or work at my desk. She only goes to her old bed when I leave her behind at home. It is very soft and squishy. She seems very happy with it.

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