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Many small dogs prefer to burrow in cuddle cups, cozy cave beds, or now the new Burger dog beds. Stylish beds are very well made, single-piece construction, using soft plush fabric on the interior and a soft canvas style material for the exterior, which provides added durability.  

The design is built and sewn in such a manner that the hood stays propped up and is overstuffed in sections for styling plus added comfort and protection for your dog. Approximately 22" diameter across the outside bottom. Interior diameter approximately 17". The entrance opening is about 12" wide and 7" high. We encourage you to get out a ruler and reference the dimensions to make sure the size is appropriate for your dog.

Good condition. Used for photography.

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Machine was cold, gentle cycle, only non-chlorine bleach. Tumble dry low to not heat or air dry to preserve softness.

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