Little Stinkers 100 pk

$ 47.99 $ 59.99

Product #422119     |     Brand: Precision Pet Products
12 reviews
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A leading housebreaking pad for a reason - they work really, really well! Super absorbent polymer inside turns to gel and holds up to 100x its volume for virtually leak-proof pads.

Your puppies can leak, but your pads shouldn't, and Little Stinkers don't, which is why they are so popular. The wicking action is fast preventing puppies from tracking urine off the pad and on to your floors.

Large 24" x 24" pads are scented with an attractant, an anti-bacterial agent, and an odor-eliminator. What a pad!

Recommendation: Use the Pad Holder kit to keep the pad in place, and hide the edges which most puppies can't resist chewing.
* due to the size, weight, and the low sale price, this item is excluded from free shipping offers.

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