LED Mini Urine Finder Light – G.W. Little

LED Mini Urine Finder Light

$ 12.99

Product #420741     |     Brand: Urine-Off
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LED Mini Urine Finder Light by Urine-Off:
This Brand new LED technology, in blacklight spectrum, is incorporated into a compact, easy on/off handheld mini flashlight. Designed to be your best friend when it comes time to find the pee that's causing your olfactory nerves to stand up and take notice.

Use when dark and you'll be amazed at what it finds. You'll want to bring back the cleaning crew at night to show them what only this light can see, and they've missed. Treat the glowing urine spots with Urine-Off as directed, then return with this LED light to be proud of yourself for accomplishing what used to be a frustrating, never-ending seek and destroy mission of foul, musty odors.

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