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iCool Dog Tank

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Dogs can overheat quickly when warm weather strikes so it's the iCool Tank to the rescue. To begin use place in cold water then gently wring out excess water so it isn't dripping. Specially treated polyester fabric absorbs water but feels dry to the touch! Recharge in cold water as needed. Dry completely before storage in a dry dark place.

iCool Vests hold just enough water to initiate cooling action, yet remain lightweight and your dog will stay dry and cooler. Dogs don't sweat, instead they cool through their chest and by panting. The iCool Vest has really good coverage in the chest area for improved cooling.

See size chart below in Additional Info. Always pay close attention to your dog's behavior when it's hot outside and never leave them unattended in hot cars.
Always round up one size if your measurement is near the maximum range in a smaller size, or if your pet has a broad chest or thick coat.

Dimensions (in inches)
Size Girth Neck Length
(XS) X-Small 10.5"-13" 7.5"-9.5" 9"
(S) Small 12.5"-16" 9"-11" 11"
(M) Medium 15.5"-18" 10.5"-12.5" 13"
(L) Large 17.5"-20.5" 12"-14" 15"
(XL) X-Large 20"-23" 13.5"-15.5" 17"
Hand wash cold only with mild detergent. Do not use saltwater to soak the vest. Lay flat to dry or hang dry. Avoid direct sunlight.

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