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Hurtta has done it again! A specially designed cooling vest for dogs which fits around the chest area, where dogs do most of their cooling. No freezing required, and you shouldn't strap anything frozen to your dog anyway. The easy step-in style is quick to put on and Hurtta includes a pre-zipper snap to hold the garment in place leaving both hands free to do the zipper. Brilliant, and Thank You Hurtta!

Plus, the 3 smallest sizes, XXS, XS, and Small all have small d-rings on ether side flo the zipper for a leash atttachment. Larger sizes do not have this feature due to the strength of larger dogs, and in which case we would recommend a Hurtta padded harness, or padded Y harness for use over the cooling vest.

Activate the cooling wrap with plenty of cold water. Ring it out gently until it stops dripping. As the remaining moisture evaporates from the coat it feels cool. The duration of cooling depends on the ambient temperature, humidity, and the size of your dog. Always monitor your dog while wearing clothing. Apply more water when the lining becomes dry.

Designed in Finland by Hurtta, a premier brand and manufacturer of high quality pet products. Review the size guide below for the best fit the first time.

Reminder: Never leave your dog unattended in a hot car. A cooling vest or cracked window is not enough to prevent overheating.

LAST CALL - No More When Gone!

Hurtta Cooling Vest Size Chart
Size Chest Girth Neckline
XXS 14" 11"
XS 17" 12"
S 20" 13"
M 24" 16"
L 29" 19"
XL 34" 22"
XXL 42" 28"

Measure the girth around the chest behind the fron legs while your dog is satanding on all four legs. Use a soft ruler, or string, and pull it slightly taught. If using string mark the location and lay it out straight for measuring.
Shell and lining 100% Polyester. Machine washable in warm water (no softeners), air dry.

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