FUZY FLEECE Toy Set (2 in Pack) – G.W. Little

FUZY FLEECE Toy Set (2 in Pack)

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Product #417384     |     Brand: Coastal Pet Products
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Li'l Gingerbread Man & Dog Bone fleece squeak toys for hours of snuggling, gnawing and playtime. Pintsized, (4" L x 3" W x 1.5" H), for your little pup or Teacup. Puppy pink on one side, baby blue on the other. (2 Pack)

Customer Reviews

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Favorite Woobie

One of our ShihTzu fell in love with these when I purchased them at a local Pet Store and since that time it became one of his favorite "woobies". It had gotten so worn out from him licking it all the time and me washing it, I was happy to see that I found them on GW Little's web page. I'm sure I'll order more as time goes by so I hope they don't stop selling them

If only there weren't a squeaker to destroy

My dogs always make it their first priority to get rid of the squeaker inside the toy. As a result, I have to pick up a lot of stuffing. But the dog I got this for still carries them around all the time. She just doesn't want them to squeak.

Perfect Size

My little Shih Tzu (Keiko & Kokomo) love their new toys. A perfect fit in their small mouths. Happy that I found a new place for their toys. :)


Perfect size for a tiny dog to fetch, chew, or just lounge on. Sleeps with it in her crate at night.

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