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FURminator DeShedding Tool

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Reduces dog shedding by up to 90%!

The unique stainless steel edge on the new FURminator® deShedding Tool works gently to loosen hair in short and long hair small dogs (and cats) without damaging or cutting the topcoat. It even works to bring out natural oils promoting healthy skin and a shiny topcoat. Rubber handle and sturdy construction make it user friendly for you. This is not a cutting blade, it never needs sharpening, and will last a lifetime.

Medium (yellow): Medium head is 2.65" wide and 6" long. Recommended for medium dogs and cats.

LAST CALL - No More When Gone


Hair today, gone tomorrow!

Long hair, short hair, big dog, small dog – it doesn't matter what kind you have, apart from a couple of breeds that notoriously don't shed, most dogs do! Groomers will tell you that shedding is natural and there's nothing much you can do about it, and to a degree they are absolutely right. But while it is hard to prevent shedding all together, there's a lot you can do to cut back on the majority of the excess hair in your house, car, on your clothes, and on dad's favorite chair!

Taking your pet to a groomer on a regular basis helps enormously, as the bathing clears away their dead skin and hair; tailor-made blowers remove their stubborn undercoat; and they get brushed-out properly. But if you can only make the groom shop every so often, or you enjoy taking care of your baby yourself, there's a lot you can do at home.

Start out with a good natural shampoo – your groomer should be able to recommend one. You can even get waterless varieties if bathing is difficult. Getting the right brush is key, and there are plenty designed specifically just for de-shedding. If a thick undercoat is the problem, professional-style blower are available for home-use now – be warned, though, hair will fly everywhere! Be extra careful with temperature control, and protect your pet's eyes, ears, and other delicate areas at all times with your hands.

When your little one's been through all that, it's treat time, of course. So round the whole event off by giving her a variety that actually helps with shedding – yes, you can even get these too!

W Dunham


"Yesterday I purchased the small furminator. Have tried it on my 2 Jack Russells. WOW! Great grooming tool! It is truly amazing as to how this actually works. And the dogs really appear to appreciate and like the grooming session. Best [investment] I have ever spent on grooming aids. I have had dogs, both large and small, for 45 years now. Sure wish the furminator was available 45 years ago. I shall recommend it to all my pet loving friends and family. Thank you for creating such a great product." - Amy H.

"FURminator is without a doubt the greatest pet product I have ever bought. I can not believe how much of my pet's coat is removed with each use. I won't have to vacuum nearly as much from now on." - Lori

"I purchased the FURminator deShedding Shampoo. I gave my pug (Sasha) a bath using the deShedding Shampoo, I was amazed with the results. Sasha has had many baths, and that's the first time she lost any amount of hair while still in the tub. After I dried her, I used the FURminator deShedding Tool, and again the results were amazing. I thought I would have to use the FURminator deShedding Products several times, before I saw any results, but that was definitely not the case. My fiance noticed a difference in her shedding and her coat as soon as he came home and picked her up. I just wanted to let you know that the FURminator deShedding Products when used together are excellent. I will definitely be recommending your products to family and friends. Thank you very much." - Jill W.

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