EyePack EyePads 50 ct.

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Eye Pads are presoaked and need no refrigeration. These hypo-allergenic cleansing pads help remove the tearing residue form aroudn a dog's eyes. Infused with herbs and botanicals that inhibit the bacteria that causes tearstains, they not only wipe away the stains, but when used everyday, it will help prevent them from coming back. 50 pads per jar.
  • convenient: nothing to mix, just use and throw away
  • alcohol free and will not dry out skin or fur
  • all-natural: contain no pharmaceuticals or chemicals

Colloidal Silver - a natural antibiotic that disables the enzyme that all viruses, fungi and one-celled bacteria use to metabolize oxygen

Golden Seal
(Gydrastis Canadenis) - effective for irritations to the eyes and serves as a strong antimicrobial agent and quickly reduces inflammation and redness

(euphrasia officinalis) - anti-inflammatory and astringent rich in Vitamins A, B-complex, C and D and smaller amounts of Vitamin E


1. Take out a pre-moistened pad and the herbal infusion gently clears away unsightly stains.
2. Rub with and against the grain of the fur for maximum effectiveness.
3. Use one side of the pad for one eye and turn over for the other eye. Do not use the pads more than once.

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