Dry Dog Instant Clean Spray 9 fl. oz.

$ 14.99

Product #210076     |     Brand: EcoWellDog
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Grooming your dog doesn't have to involve a sudsy bath with this powerful spray-on formula that cleanses without water. Aloe and kiwi smell clean while ordenone traps and removes foul odors to leave them fresh.

9 fl. oz. spray bottle

Need a little help when it comes to grooming? Check out these articles, Grip on Home Grooming and Happytails, Healthy Dog!.SPA DAY:

Pamper Your Pooch!

Next time you treat yourself to a day at the spa, spoil your puppy with one too – and you don't have to take her to the groomer for it, either. Set aside some time for fun, gear up with all the tools of the trade, and pamper her at right at home – she'll enjoy all that love and attention just as much as you do.

Getting started couldn't be easier: pick up some natural shampoos and conditioners, maybe a candle or two and some soothing aromatherapy sprays, throw in soft and cuddly towels and robes, and you're all set. Let the bubbles begin!

If you want to get a little more adventurous and branch out into a spot of grooming after she's clean and dry, there are many tools and kits designed just for small dogs. They're cute, they're fun, and they can help you keep her in top-top shape between her visits to the professionals. Any one on one time with your little love is precious – turn it into a spa day and you're helping to keep her happy and healthy, too!

– W Dunham

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