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Winter Coat for Dogs - Snow Overall

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  • Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • Insulated
  • Dirt Resistant
  • PU Coating

Designed in Iceland for use in extremely cold weather and to withstand the worst snow storms. It is insulted plus the fleece lining will always keep your little dog warm. The snow overall is waterproof, windproof and dirt resistant to help keep it clean.

The hood attaches to the coat with four snap buttons for ease in taking off if needed, a drawstring that can be tightened to keep the warmth in and snow out. If the hood is removed the coat has a collar which can be rolled up or down for some added protection. Unrestricted long sleeves with black nylon cuffs. A convenient leash hole for attaching your dog's lead.

LAST CALL - No More When Gone!

Size Chest Girth Body Length Neck Girth
SM 11" to 13.5" 8" to 10" 9" to 10.5"
MD 13.5" to 16" 10" to 12" 10.5" to 12"
LG 16" to 19" 12" to 14" 12" to 13.5"
XL 19" to 23" 14" to 16" 13.5" to 15"

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Great coat for extreme temp

The X-L snow suit is for a JRT (21 lb/ 9.5 Kg). Milo's chest is wide compared to his back end. Application for this coat is -15 C to -25 C. Warmer temperatures I use a coat that is easier to put on. We walk and snowshoe daily. The coat works, his chest is sealed from the elements even in deep snow. There is some snow that works its way in from the back bottom to his belly. This only happens when he is trying to climb his way out of the deep snow. Walking on the road, the coat insulates and it provide a wind barrier. Only his but and tail are exposed. The hood is questionable. It does not stay fully on his head when he walks but it does provide some extra insulation on the back of the neck. It also provides a wind barrier for his ears when walking downwind. Getting the coat on the dog is challenging for the first few times. The dew claw on the front legs can become caught when pushing the leg through. I insert a finger in from the legging bottom and keep the dew claw against his leg when I am ready for Milo to push his paw through . All dogs want at minimum 3 legs on the ground. By lifting one leg I can get him to push through with the other leg. This exercise gets easier each time I put the suit on, the cuffs get more pliable and he gets a treat. There is some resistance when coming for the coat. All ways maintain a positive association when putting the suit on. The coat would be easier to put on if the zipper was on the back versus the bottom. The zipper on the bottom does allow an easy way to clear any snow that has worked its way around the belly. The suit material is great for going into the woods, it will stand up to abuse. Puncture resistant. Darker colours trap more heat from the sun.

awesome snow suit!!

I trusted all the comments about the quality of the snow suit. And they were spot on. The quality is top notch and it has kept my pup warm in our crazy chicago winter. The zipper is strong the material is waterproof. be sure look at the sizes I got a large and my dog only weighs 17 pounds and she's about 17 inches long. Thanks for making such a quality product it is refreshing.

Worry free winter fun

Although it is taking them some time to adjust to the overall snowsuit...they are adjusting and it is making the downside of winter more bearable. My 2 dogs are Shih Tzu and if I am not pulling off snowballs I am cleaning off road salt and sand. The suit material seems to repel snow and road gunk, and cuts clean up time in half. It does take quite a bit to get them into the suit but that is because of them not the suit. I am also impressed that the suit fit perfectly given that the Shih Tzu shape is traditionally hard to fit. The price may have made me flinch a bit but the quality should make this snowsuit the last one I will need to buy.

winter coat

Sorry my dog will not wear the coat outside.

An Unexpected Surprise

I have a Dandie Dinmont Terrier...a very difficult dog to find clothing for. She is low to the ground and ends up a muddy or snowy mess when I walk her. This overall fits her like it was made for her and it was not what I expected, hence, a nice surprise. Fitting her to clothing is a nightmare, so, thanks G.W. Little for carrying this for my hard to fit Dandie. Almost forgot to mention the excellent quality and workmanship of this Hurtta. It's worth every penny to have her come home from a walk not needing a bath.


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