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Dog Car Seat Microsuede - Medium

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Product #204572-B     |     Brand: Snoozer Pet Products
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Lookout® booster pet car seats by Snoozer® are microsuede beds to keep your small dog safe in the car while raising them up to see out the window, reducing anxiety. A new design adds accent piping to the soft durable microsuede upholstery. A reversible pillow gives them a first class cushion and has a removable cover for machine washing. 

For added convenience choose the pullout drawer model to hold your dog's necessities. Connect the included adjustable tether strap to your dog's harness and loop the other end around your car's seat belt strap.  View the "How to Install Lookout Seats" video under the Additional Info tab to see how this is done.

Now available in new Luxury Microsuede.

Microsuede Lookouts come in 3 sizes, small (dogs up to 18 pounds), medium (dogs up to 25 pounds), and large size which accommodates dogs up to 34 pounds total.

Please measure and review "Shipping Details" before ordering. Monogrammed items are non-returnable.

Dimensions* (approximate)
Seat Est. Size Outside (inches) Inside (inches)
Small up to 18 lbs.  15W x 19D x 17H 12W x 14D
Medium up to 25 lbs. 22W x 19D x 17H 18W x 14D
Large up to 34 lbs. 30W x 19D x 17H 25W x 14D

(Large requires a lap belt that extends to 44 inches)

*Mark out an area on your floor and use inside dimensions to approximate the size for your dog(s). Foam core construction provides soft sides for comfort.

Replacement or spare covers are available for Lookout pet car seats.
Click here, or search for item number 208810.


Why Buckle Up Your Dog?
Importance of Dog Car Safety
Little Dog Car Safety
Riding in Cars with Little Dogs


Remove cover, close zipper, machine wash using cold water. Air dry, or tumble dry NO HEAT.

Important Shipping Information

  • Factory Direct item, made to order, usually ships out within 2-4 days. Allow extra time during busy holidays.
  • Ships via FedEx or SmartPost to lower 48-states only unless otherwise prearranged.
  • Shipments outside the continental United States are limited. Please contact us first.

Return Information

Car seat returns should be sent back to the manufacturer. The return policy is the manufacturer's and not GW Little. Returns are subject to a 10% restocking fee. Return shipping should be pre-paid, insured, and traceable for your protection. Shipping fees may be high for larger items and are based on dimensions, not weight. If you chose free shipping, outbound shipping charges will be deducted from your refund. Please be certain of your choice and be sure to measure.  Most returns are due to not understanding the dimensions listed.


Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Great carseats

This is the 2nd carseat I purchased from GWLittle. The first one was a pink medium microsuede with no drawer. I adopted another little pup, and ordered the red medium one with a drawer. Comparing the 2 carseats that I order 5 years apart, the 1st carseat that I got seemed to be made better. With the recently purchased one, the foam pieces aren't glued together as securely as the first one I ordered. The cover wasn't accurately cut around the drawer for the drawer to slide out without blockage. I tried shifting the cover over a little so that the drawer will slide open a little bit easier, but the cover sometimes shifts back. It's annoying. Because this new carseat has a drawer, the seat doesn't seem as solid as the one without a drawer. The only real complain I have is that the stuffing of the cushion is not as nicely stuffed as my first carseat. When I removed the cover of the cushion, they look different, and the new one is more flat. I found a pillow for infants on Amazon that is size 14" x 18", and it fits into the 15" x 18" cushion that this carseat comes with. Together, the cushion is now puffier. My girls both fit in the medium. The larger of the 2 measure at about 13 lbs, 13" length and 16" girth.

I have an Infiniti G37 sedan, and the front door and the console secure the carseat and together with the seatbelt, the carseat doesn't move at all. I installed the 2nd carseat in the center back of my car, and the seat will shift slightly. It's because the seatbelt wraps around the back part of the carseat. If I wanted to secure the seat tighter, bungee cords will should fix it. Since the girls usually ride in the front and the backseat doesn't get used as often as the front, I'm not too concerned.

The manufacturer shipped the carseat in a fitted cardboard box without putting the carseat in the plastic bag. The delivery guy left the package at my door and it rained. The carseat was soaked. I washed the cover and let the foam dry, and it's all good.

5 star

Dog Car Seat Microsuede - Medium

Plush car/booster seat

I love this car seat and so do my 2 girls. It's plenty of room for my 2 miniature dachshunds. I purchased an extra tether since the medium size seat comes with one. The girls can see out the window and I feel assured that they are safe.

Shipping could be better

My only reason for 3 stars & not 5 is being that I had ordered on the 9th & it never even processed or shipped until 8/15 when it said 2-4 days; I thought that was unacceptable. I basically had to reach out to customer service and it didn't ship or move until I said something, it really should not be like that. It then took another 5 days to reach me and it wasn't shipped from a far distance from me, I could drive there and pick it up in a day.

The carseat itself, we love. It did come a little smashed up but once I put it on the car it started to get its shape back. I got the medium, my pup is only 3.5 lbs but we are moving from NY to FL and I wanted her to have ample space in the car for the ride. She loves it. As soon as I took it out of the box she couldn't even wait a minute for me to put the cushion back in. She was very upset when I put the carseat in the car but not her. We have used it already for a long car ride & she falls asleep right away. We upgraded from another carseat that just didn't appear safe, this carseat is wonderful! It fits in my Kia Forte perfectly!! Plus she is high enough up to catch the wind from the sunroof! She is in heaven!

GWL: Product reviews are meant for rating the product, not the service or support. In this case the item was shipped in 4-business days as stated on the product page. Order came in on the 9th and shipped on the 15th (10th, 11th, 12th, weekend, 15th) with your custom color choice. Free shipping was chosen which we disclosed up front to allow 9-business days. Yours arrived in 5 days. It is also possible to drive from NY to South Carolina in about 12 hours and pick-up could have been arranged. Faster shipping methods are always available and presented during checkout if you wish to receive items quicker.

The tether that came with the car seat broke when I was adjusting it after only one use. The seat itself kept shifting to the side, even though my dogs' combined weight was half of the published weight limit. Overall it was a disaster on every front. GW Little arranged for us to get a full refund--great customer service as always! We had to pay to ship it back to the manufacture, which was about 1/3 of the purchase price, but at least we got a refund. I have since learned that Snoozer seats fail crash tests and do not provide your dog with the security they would have you believe. Please go to the website for the Center for Pet Safety and watch these videos for yourself and learn of safer options for your beloved pet. I know that they all love to look out, but wouldn't you rather they stay alive in case of an accident? GWL: The tether strap should not have broke, especially from only making an adjustment. We'd love to know what broke on it. The seats need to be secured tightly by your car's seat belt, otherwise it could slide around. Snoozer seats never claim to be crash-proof. Harnesses are the safety devices, not seats. Using a Lookout car seat, and tethering your dog provides safety by keeping them restrained and not distracting the driver. They make no claims against protecting your dog in case of an accident. There's a big difference and still a great deal of research needs to be done on providing a safe environment for pets in case of a crash.

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