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Stainless Steel Bowl Set - 2 ea.

$ 6.99

Product #423835     |     Brand: Susan Lanci Designs
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Convenient and practical tiny stainless steel bowls are perfect for any travel with your little dog. So much easier avoid the awkwardness of trying to provide some water for your pet. Each bowl holds 1/4 cup allowing you to quench their thirst or feed a little kibble while on the go.

Keep one bedside as well for providing quick sips of water at night. 2-1/2" diameter x 5/8" high. (Pouch sold separately)

Customer Reviews

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I guess it was my fault but I didn't realize exactly how small they are.
It's a complete waste of money.


The bowls are so much smaller than what I thought and are of no use, wasted money.


Great price for these bowls! Finally something I can travel with. My 3lb poodle can't use the travel cups available around our town - they are so big he could sleep in them! These are small enough to travel with, durable and big enough to have one scoop of wet food with a dry food scoop on top. So happy!


These tiny bowls are the sweetest, cutest things and so, so useful for my sweet maltese doggie. I'm never without them and when I take them out, people notice and comment on them even before they comment on beautiful doggie! And the size is great, they actually hold 1/4 cup of dry food, water etc. Easy to clean stainless steel and always look shiny.

Love them

My mom has these dishes for her dog so I knew exactly what I was ordering - be sure to check the size as they are quite small - about 2.5 in diameter and maybe .5 deep. They are not made for everyday feeding, but for travel. They are certainly durable enough for everyday use, they just wouldn't be practical for regular feeding due to their size. They are a much better alternative to pouring water in the cap of your water bottle and the size makes them incredibly convenient to carry them in the pocket of your dog's carrier.We travel like crazy, so we use these dishes constantly for our little Shih Tzu. GW Little is the only retailer I have been able to find that will sell them without the ultrasuede pouch. As a bonus, GW Little mailed the dishes the same day that I ordered them and they arrived in about two days, which is great, because they arrived on the east coast from California.As long as you realize that these dishes are super small and designed for travel, I think you will be happy with your order.

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