Peluche Plush Bunny Cuddle Cocoa Small Dog Blanket 29" x 29" – G.W. Little

Peluche Plush Bunny Cuddle Cocoa Small Dog Blanket 29" x 29"

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We're calling this new fabric BUNNY CUDDLE COCOA and it's beyond dreamy.  The medium pile faux fur is variegated with swirls of tan and chocolate with unique markings adding to the rich look and feel.  Offered here in a popular 29" x 29" size for use in and around your home, including chairs, beds, on the floor or the best place of all on top of dog beds.  It's much easier to wash a blanket than a dog bed.

The ultimate in luxury softness in a premium high-end fabric is part of the exclusive Peluche Plush Collection from GW Little these blankets are designed to provide your small dog a super cozy and comfortable place to dream the day away.

Approximately 29" x 29" and made in the USA.

Peluche Plush Collection of luxury fabrics may be machine washed gentle cycle, and air dried or fluff dry with no heat to preserve softness.  It's always recommended to have long thread fabrics and furs dry-cleaned.  If machine washing please use a mild powder detergent.  Liquid detergents tend to be harsher on the fabrics.

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