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Buddie Squeak Toys

$ 6.99

Product #227888     |     Brand: Zippy Paws
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The Buddie Squeak Toys for small dogs are brightly colored and delightful friends to add to your dog's collection! They are sure to provide hours of fun! Made with soft polyester fibers, these toys are approximately 5" tall and 3" wide. Buy just one, or get the whole set!

Customer Reviews

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The Tail Of The Christmas Bandit

My name is Destiny my fiends call me Des. I'n a 4lb Maltese. When I went west with my half brother to my for ever home and people servants, I was no larger than a "Big Mac". But don't let my size fool you as I am "Alpha Girl" My brother Fred is twice my size, but such a pansy.
This toy was his present. I figure what's his is mine and what is mine is also mine. I simply paced back and forth in front of the gate . I wanted to get in there to the big tree. I figured a way, made my plan, and snatched Fred"s present. Unwrapped it and there it was the most interesting toy. I envisioned throwing it in the air and smashing it against the fireplace. I barely got the tissue off and I was busted. Dang!!

I like small toys like these as my mouth is tiny. I can't usually make them squeak. One of them did squeak and it startled me and I growled at it. Sure I like Fred's present

Awesome sauce

I have a small dog about 12 pounds. He loves this toy...good size...maybe could have been just a tiny bit smaller...but ya really can't win. About the smallest do toy I ca find. Anyway...he is taking them to bed and squeak squeak! !!

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