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Bergan Car Harness for Dogs

$ 27.99

Product #219266     |     Brand: Coastal Pet Products
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A truly ingenious design allowing your pets to be safe and comfortable while riding in any moving vehicle, boat, train, or plane.

Bergan designed these auto harnesses to meet V9DT B2900.1 Pet Safety Durability Test standards.

Each harness comes with its own tether strap with quick release carabiners. Fitting your dog is easy with the cleverly designed straps which flow through the entire harness for a snug fit. Be sure to watch the video which will show you how to properly fit an use the harness. You'll probably learn something new about your car as well.

Sizes to fit dogs from 6 to 150 pounds.
Quote from August 2010 issue of Consumers Digest:

"The Travel Harness is the only model that we could find in this price range that let's you attach the harness to the car's LATCH bar, like a baby seat, rather than just to a vehicle's seat belt. You would have to spend nearly twice as much to find another model that provides this level of security."

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Sizing is a bit off

It's very hard to find car harness for my toy poodles who only weigh about 6 lbs each. The box says this is for 10 lbs and up; online, as 6 lbs and up. This harness is very adjustable, and I think from that standpoint it is going to fit. However, with all the hardware over the back, it becomes extremely heavy. I hope I can figure out a secure way to replace the two huge carabiners with something smaller and lighter because I really need new harnesses. This would fit my 12 lb miniature poodle very well. Haven't actually tried it in the car yet, so final verdict is not in.

I like it

I originally ordered this car harness for my little Toy Poodle. It fit a little too big (he is a slim 5 lbs), so I didn't use it. We got a German Shepherd puppy sometime later and it was a perfect fit for him. He is about 30 lbs now and it still fits great, although I probably need to go ahead and get him a bigger one. I really like the design, it seems to be made well, plus you can hook it up to the baby seat safety hook in your car. It seems sturdy and I feel good about my puppy wearing it while we ride.

Great product

Ordered two of these - I have a toy poodle and A shih tzu and the small size works perfectly for Both of them. I just trimmed the extra off andSealed the nylon with a match to keep it from unraveling. On our very first trip out using these as fate would have it a bad accident happened right in front of us at freeway speeds. I had to slam on the brakes and feel the harnesses saved my babies from harm. I will not let them ride in the car now without them.

Secure and comfy car harness

We really like this harness. It is secure on our little Maltese but she seems comfortable in it. She can move enough so she doesn't feel tied in one spot. Seems to work great for us.

Car travel harness

It is great for my little malti-poo, the small size was able to adjust to fit. My only thought is if the carbiner was on a swivel it might keep my pup from tangling up the belt. But it works great and he loves being able to sit or lay down when we go for a ride.

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