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Winter Doggie Workouts

dog walking in winter

Winter Doggie Workouts

Even though it may not be prime time to take your furbaby for a run down the beach, dogs need to get their exercise consistently just like we do! So no matter the season, we need to make sure that our little ones have enough activity to keep them happy and healthy year-round.

Once the chillier months approach I make it a point to bring out my dog's wardrobe. There are always a few T-shirts for fall and then a couple of cozy sweaters and coats for winter. I love how putting some clothing on my sweetie always takes the edge off of the shivering and makes outdoor ventures much more pleasant for her. A romp at the park is now possible even though... "Baby, it's cold outside!" Sure, a couple of jealous doggies may look at her with envy, but I know that my little one is comfortable content, and climate-controlled.

Something else that's important to me is to be sure my girl can also get sufficient indoor exercise because there will always be those too-blustery days where I worry about taking her on a long, cold, or windy walk. Before winter arrives, I spoil my furbaby with lots of new toys to play catch and fetch with so that she gets excited about her in-home activities. Get a few different types of toys - soft, fleecy ones as well as rope pulls and latex toys - and see which ones your pooch responds to best. Squeak toys seem to excite them. They may even bring their favorite toy right to your feet asking you to play! Make it even more fun and invigorating for both of you by having your dog chase you around the house to get the toy. Then chase them right back!

Always be sure there's a full bowl of fresh filtered or bottled water around. After all, your little dog needs to re-hydrate after their workout!

- S. Athanasiou