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What in the World Are Pet Stairs

Maltese on dog steps

A Little Step Goes a Long Way!

Imagine the world from your little dog's perspective looking up at absolutely everything. Your home is geared for human, not small dog height. It may seem natural for your little one to leap tall furniture in a single bound, or "fly" back off since it seems so easy for them to do. The truth is, this can cause severe damage to joints and lead to a painful existence for your little one, which may even shorten their life.

Any number of physical limitations can keep your pet from jumping up to and off of high places without assistance, including their age or health conditions. Whether they want to be on the couch, the bed, or travel with you, a helpful step up with pet stairs can head off serious injury and promote a sense of security and belonging for your little dog. Additionally, pet steps can often deter arthritic conditions from occurring in the first place when used from an early age.

Joint supplements, anti-inflammatory and other forms of pain relief may suppress the signs of arthritis, but these will not make a significant difference in deterring hip dysplasia or osteoarthritis progress if you do not make physical differences in your little dog's habits. Along with weight control and exercise, the use of stairs to create gentle inclines can be key to long-term joint health. The stairs should be light and portable so they can be moved about for use in navigating couches, beds and even vehicles and pleasure craft - anywhere your little one will be joining you.

If your little dog seems intimidated by the stairs, or just can't figure out how to navigate them, we recommend the use of treats on each step leading to the destination. In no time they'll get the idea and will make use of the pet steps without hesitation.

These steps as "tools" easily, (and often dramatically), improve your pet's quality of life. What's more, they simultaneously help to prevent owners' physical problems, such as hernias and sore backs resulting from repeated lifting of pets. Oh, did we mention peace of mind…for both you AND your little one?