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Virgina Madsen

Virginia Madsen

Pets and Their Stars

An Interview with Proud Dog Owner, Virginia Madsen (Academy Award Nominee - "Sideways")
by photographer Christopher Ameruoso.

So tell me about Spike?
Spike looks like our little cow but is definitely the "Bull." Spike's about 5 years old.

How did you decide on his name?
Well, Spike decided on his own name because he believes he is BIG.

Which of your two dogs has more of your personality?
Spike is French, as in French Bull dog. Need I say more? He knows that where ever he goes he is loved by many. He is deeply romanticand is overrun by girl-dogs. I understand and never hold it against him.

Tell us something about this breed of dog that people don’t know?
People should know that French Bulls snore… LOUDLY.

Did you get Spike as a puppy? What drew you to that particular breed?
Spike was given to us by my brother Mike and his son Christian. He was a gift for my son, Jack.

What’s your favorite pastime with your dogs?
Our favorite hike is with Cesar, “The Dog Whisperer.” He has a show on TV now. We go out with a whole pack of dogs... Pit Bulls, Shepards and even a Yorkie. You can’t imagine the power you feel running with a pack of dogs. It’s primal. Cesar taught me how to be an alpha.

Do your dogs have favorite possessions?
They love their beds but sometimes they will sleep together. That’s too cute. Spike snores very loudly so sometimes I have to ban him from my room. People...don’t sleep with your dogs.

If both of your dogs were able to speak, what do you think is the first thing they would say to you?
“Feed us the cat or the bearded dragon is toast.”

If Spike was a celebrity who would he be?
P. Diddy.

Did you have dogs growing up?
We had a French Poodle that we adopted. His name was Griff.

What do your animals really mean to you?
Animals are a way of filling my house with happy chaos. My son takes care of ALL of them, feeding, grooming and even cleaning up after them. He’s learning so much from them and we are a full house. When Jack is with his papa my house isn’t quite so empty.

- Interview and photo by: Christopher Ameruoso
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