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Susan Lanci Designs

About Susan Lanci Designs

For over 15 years Susan Lanci Designs has built a tremendous reputation for providing very high quality functional and practical merchandise for small dogs. The high quality comes from the use of genuine Ultrasuede® fabric from Toray Industries in Japan and real Swarovski crystals from Austria. Ultrasuede is a perfect fabric for use in small dog harnesses, leashes, and collars. The upholstery-grade Ultrasuede is stronger than leather and much lighter. Most harnesses weigh in under 1 ounce. Ultrasuede is used by manufacturers of highend yachts, private jets, and luxury cars. It's not inexpensive, but it lasts a very long time and is easy to care for.

The functional aspect of Susan Lanci Designs comes from her desire to make products that people use every day for their dogs. While some of the designs are very elegant with big bows and large crystals, the underlying piece still performs a very functional job. The adornments are just a way for pet owners to express their personal feelings and fashion preferences. Susan Lanci has always maintained that her styling and designs will last the test of time making her pieces very practical to own. A timeless style combined with durable Ultrasuede provides the end user with a tremendous value and the pet the ultimate in comfort. "It's always about the dog's comfort first," says Susan.

Over the years Susan's line has expanded out into winter jackets, Cuddle Carriers, dog blankets, beds, and cuddle cups. All are made in the USA and are very well liked by most pet parents. GW Little is proud to be one of the leading resellers of the entire line and we've known it well since 2005.

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