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Step It Up - Dog Stairs

Cartoon - small dog climbing bed post

Step It Up - Dog Stairs

If the couch, bed or chair is out of reach for your small dog, why not give them a "lift" with pet stairs? Not only will your pooch be able to safely run up to their favorite comfy spot and get cozy at their leisure, but you'll also have less worry about how they're going to get down too.

Even the most rambunctious Rover will appreciate the assistance of a set of stairs. Not all small dogs are "jumpers" and even if they are, repeat pressure from going on and off the couch or bed can truly take a toll on their fragile bodies. Jumping off of a high bed, for instance, could cause cumulative orthopedic damage. And puppies are at an even greater risk since their bones, muscles and joints are not yet fully developed.

The height of the stairs you choose depends on the height of your furniture. Sizes can range from a 3-step size to as high as a 6-step version, and are offered in a variety of colors. Before purchasing any pet stairs, be sure to take precise measurements to know exactly how many inches it is from the floor to the furniture.

Some small dog breeds are known to have weaker hips than others, and for these dogs, pet stairs are a must. Even though your small dog might seem to be in the best of hip health now, a small dog that is predisposed to problems in that area might show signs of trouble years down the road. Taking preventative measures is the key. A set of stairs and a healthy supplement made to benefit the joints could work wonders.

If your puppy seems a little weary of running up those steps, teaching him there's nothing to be afraid of is easy. Place your dog on the bottom step and put one of his favorite treats on the top step. For the first few times, you might have to guide him physically up towards the top step. Then, do the reverse; place him on the top step and put a treat on the bottom step. After your pooch has mastered this, take it one step further: When you place your baby on the bottom step, this time, put the treat on the seat of the couch or chair or the top of the bed so that they will have to go up the entire length of stairs to get to it. Then, when your little one is up on the furniture, put a treat on the floor. What a joy when you see your puppy run and up and down the stairs on their own for the first time!

Our dogs are part of our families. So why not make life even more enjoyable for them by providing safe and easy access to all of the comforts of home!

- S. Athanasiou