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Small Dog Clothing


There’s no doubt that dressing up your little dog gives you a lot of pleasure, and also gets you compliments when you’re out and about with them. But there’s a lot more to clothing them than the look-good factor. In the colder months a small dog body needs the extra warmth: whether you’re taking them out on the town or just around the block on a potty break, slip on their favorite sweater, hoodie, or parka to protect them from the elements.

Paw protection is also advised to stop them from getting chills on snow, ice, or cold concrete, as well as protection from salt and other harsh chemicals. Consider soft and cozy pajamas, too, for cool nights when they wiggle out from under the blanket. In summer you’ll need a change of wardrobe. A lighter Tee or tank will help protect their delicate skin, repel more bugs, and keep their coat clean – fewer trips to the groomer equals more money in your pocket! Rain gear, of course, is essential all the time to keep them dry. Having said all that, seasonal celebrations such as Halloween and Christmas are always the perfect time to splurge on an outfit that’s all about fun and fashion!