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Seasonal Savvy Dog Clothes

Chihuahua wearing hoodie

Seasonal Savvy Dog Clothes

It’s that magical time of year when leaves turn brilliant colors and float to the ground, pumpkins abound, and thoughts turn to the joys of Thanksgiving. While for most of us the weather is still far from frigid, the stores are displaying their fall and winter clothing lines. And for the chic dog in your life, why should it be any different? Although it’s not time to put away your munchkin’s favorite summer attire yet, we should turn our attention to getting them ready for the cooler and wetter months ahead.

Of course, our indoor companions don’t have to worry about surviving outdoors in the winter, but small dogs that are used to being climate controlled get chilled very quickly. They’ll need protection from the cold for playtimes in the park, walks, runs on the beach, or outings to the groomer. What they don’t need is an extra trip to the vet because they got frostbite! Coats, jackets and sweaters will also keep them clean and bug-free. Don’t let rain stop play either – get the right gear and off you go! Outdoor activities should be fun, and a shivering pup – or one with a wet coat – is not a happy camper.

Paw-protection in the form of boots can be vital for trips out on snow, ice, and cold concrete sidewalks – they’re also good for hidden dangers such as broken glass or thorns. Another seasonal consideration is shortening daylight hours. At this time of year we have to start taking our pets out for exercise and potty breaks in the dark. Consider using a reflective coat that not only keeps them warm, but also keeps them safe.

Let’s think about when they’re inside, too. When it’s blowing a gale, drizzling, or even snowing outdoors, they’ll need lots of extra comfort. Whether they’re just waiting for you to come home, cuddled up on your lap watching TV, or curled up in the office at your side – a soft and snugly throw or blanket is just the thing to keep them toasty. And think how they’ll love you even more for providing it! Puppy pajamas are also great for dogs that wiggle in the night and toss off their bedding.

Decking out your dog is more than just practical though – it’s also fun and stylish. No matter what Mother Nature throws our way, there are so many adorable winter warmers and rain repellers available to choose from these days, that your loved one can always be the coziest – and cutest – canine in town!

-W. Dunham