Schipperke – G.W. Little


Schipperke Dog Breed Information


It should come as no surprise that, with a name meaning "Little Skipper," the Schipperke was originally bred by a boat caption to serve as ratters and guard dogs for barges. They were usually owned by the caption of the ship, and spent most of their life on the water. Due to this, Schipperkes still make excellent boat dogs and they love being on the water.

The Schipperke makes an outstanding watchdog. They are extremely loyal to their family and are especially protective of children. If someone wanders into their yard or home that shouldn't be there, watch out! They will defend their space against intruders, which many Schipperke lovers feel is one of their best qualities.

Schipperkes make a great family pet, due in large part to their tolerance and love of children. They are high energy dog, and due to their history of having a job to do Schipperkes need a lot of exercise and stimulation to stay happy. They make excellent agility dogs and love working through the challenges that agility offers. They will also burn off a lot of energy just running around the house, so having a huge yard is not necessary for this breed.

Schipperkes are very clean dogs and shed only lightly except for twice a year, when their entire undercoat falls off in a 10-day period. Needless to say, this is a lot of hair! Daily brushing will keep their shedding down to a minimum during the rest of the year.

Schipperkes are fairly healthy dogs and live 15 years or more.

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Size 10 - 13 inches tall
Weight 12 - 18 pounds
Accepted Colors Black
Grooming Daily brushing
Origins Belgium
Registration AKC, FCI, UKC, CKC
Group Non-Sporting
Notes Slow to make friends, but once they do, you'll have their heart for life!