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Riding with Dogs in Car Seats

Poodle in Snoozer car seat for dogs

What Are Dog Car Seats?

Dog always want to go where you do, please keep them SAFE!

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration and the Animal Protection Institute, it is very difficult to know exactly what happens to a dog in a vehicle crash since the testing tools available in the industry are very limited. However it seems obvious that a dog contained in a harness reduces the chance of being injured by hitting other objects or occupants in the vehicle. It should also protect a dog from injuries associated with sudden stops and starts. Traveling pets face the same dangers we do, and they also pose a risk to passengers and other motorists. Author Stephen King was injured when a pick-up truck driver lost control while trying to corral his unrestrained Rottweiler.

“Not long ago my dog survived being thrown from my vehicle in a pretty nasty car crash. It could have been avoided if I'd buckled him up with a safety harness in a car seat. I urge EVERYONE with pets to invest in safety harnesses and Lookouts. Use them for EVERY car ride, EVERY time... no matter how short the trip or where you're driving!”
-Mariann McDonell, Northridge , CA

5 Reasons Your Little Dog Should Use a Lookout Car Seat and Safety Car VestHarness

1. Distraction

Small dogs can provide much-needed distraction from the pressures of daily life. However, you don’t want your pet distracting you when you’re behind the wheel. The results could be disastrous--for you, your pet, and other motorists.

2. Impact

Pets without restraints are just like people without seatbelts: If you slam on the brakes or hit another car, they go flying and even the strongest person can’t hold back the amount of force generated, even at slow speeds.

3. Emergencies

A dog that has been in an accident is likely to be in shock, confused, and injured. They may not take kindly to rescue personnel without provocation. You can minimize this danger by properly restraining your dog. They can also be frightened and run from the accident scene. If you’re injured you can’t run after them.

4. Control

Even a well-trained dog can be distracted by a squirrel or cat. If your dog is properly tethered they can’t jump out the window or chase after another animal when you open your door.

5. Comfort

Imagine standing blindfolded in the back of a moving truck. That’s what the average car trip is like for your dog, a series of unexpected starts, stops, and turns. You can increase your dog’s security and comfort by giving them a boost up to see out the window and providing comfortable restraints.

Dos and Don’ts...

Do use restraints that offer mobility.

Some restraints only allow your dog to remain in a sitting position. That might be fine for a quick trip to the post office, but over a longer haul your dog should be able to sit and lie down. Lookouts come with soft Sherpa fabric that give them a soft bed for hours of commuting.

Do properly fit your dog with the correct size restraint.

The padded Car VestHarness (#202215) has a flexible fit and a soft cloth lining. The harness slips over their head with elastic fit at the collar and only two adjustable clip buckles at the girth on the dogs’ back for their comfort. The D-Ring attaches easily to the Lookout clasp and later to their lead when you take them out of the car. There’s also a loop on the harness for seatbelt attachment when your Lookout isn’t available.

Do have an I.D. tag on your dog at all times when traveling.

You never want them to get away from you, but if they do be sure your cell phone number and address appear on their I.D. tag.

Don’t put your dog in a crate or cage.

In an accident a crate or cage will go flying through the air just like an unrestrained dog. If the crate itself is secured, your dog may hit against the interior walls with potentially lethal force.

Don’t let them hang their head out the window without eye protection

Although a dog may love to have the wind in their face, an animal can suffer eye damage and even vision loss from road debris and insects. We recommend Doggles Eyewear for your little dog whenever you’re on the road. They’ll look forward to wearing them if they’re know they’re going for a ride with you!

G.W. Little offers several varieties and sizes of Lookout Car Seats to suit every little dog and car style.


1) Regular Console Lookout is ideal if you prefer your little one next to you, (small pets up to 4 pounds). It enables them to ride between the front driver's bucket seat and the passenger seat. It will boost the pet about 3 inches above the car console. The Console Lookout is secured to the car with straps that hold it to the latched door of your car’s console in front and hook to the seat belt anchors on the floor in back of the two front seats. Exterior measures: 8 ½” wide x 15 ¼” deep x 6 ¼” high.

2) Large Console Lookout is designed for SUV’s or large vehicles with a wide console, (pets up to 12 pounds). Attachment is similar and exterior measures: 12” wide x 18” deep x 8” high.

  • Your little dog is secured to the Console Lookout with a built-in safety strap and double claw hook to attach to the Car Vestharness.
  • Comfortable foam form body construction. Washable, removable cover with faux lambs wool interior, pleather or quilted nylon exterior.



1)  Regular Lookouts are designed for dogs up to 18 lbs. Solid foam construction bed is designed to be secured across the back with your car’s safety belt, tested and proven to be the safest design for quick stops or accidents. The Lookout boosts your little dog up to see out the window while providing a soft cozy bed. The safety strap included attaches to any seat belt then to your dog’s Car Vestharness with a double claw hook. Exterior measures: 15” wide x 18” deep x 17” high.

2)  Large Lookouts are 6” wider for dogs up to 25 lbs. Exterior measures: 21” wide x 18” deep x 17” high.

  • Lookouts Car Seats come with a pullout plastic drawer for toys, treats and leads.
  • Optional personalization on the flap over drawer -10 letters maximum, additional charges apply.
  • Removable and washable cover with faux lamb’s wool interior comes in pleather or quilted nylon.
  • Lightweight foam construction for portability makes it great for a car safety seat then a bed in the home.