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So soft and cuddly

Very good quality and my Chihuahua puppy loves it!

Perfect Every Time

These are perfect and wash beautifully. We are building a collection of our favorite colors!


Love it, ordered the violet with 2 rows of crystals. Is very soft and nice to the touch. Highly recommend. Shipping took about 2 weeks but was custom. Worth the wait. Will order another sometime. Post pic later if it will let me.

Carrier Blanket

This carrier blanket is perfect for my puppy bag and it is so so soft. My puppy loves to snuggle and sleep with it in her carrier.

Chewy Vuitton Purse

It is the cutest toy yet. Moana loves to carry her purse around to show it off.
Thank you!

Beautiful Provence Dog Bowls

I purchased 2 of the Provence Dog Bowls and love them. They are made very well and my puppy loves them too. They are easy to clean and look beautiful.
Thank you!

Owl and hot dog

Moana loves playing with her new toys. Her favorite of the two is the owl. She loves it and it keeps her happy for a while. They are both adorable.
Thank you!

Beautiful collar

I love the puppy pink collar and it looks great on my puppy. She weighs 1.8 pounds and is wearing the teacup size. I was surprised that the teacup size was not made to wear a little bigger because I already have it on the last hole. I was hoping I was not going to have to buy another in a larger size. I highly recommend even though it is pricey. It is worth every penny.
Thank you!

Even nicer in person

Looks adorable on my dog. Would order again.

Nice Quality

Love this stretch fleece. This is my second one I've ordered. I ordered a size 8 for my 8 pound dog and it fits perfect.

Cirque harness

I purchased two - These fit great for my two small havanese because they do not tug and choke your dogs with them being so small. They work so much better on their leads and work great in their car seats!

Perfect hat

Perfect fit, perfect color, quality, and value!!!!!

One of the best ever!

I bought this for my dog and he loved it. One of the softest blankets ever. Nice


These are the perfect size for a small dog. I bought two one Yorkie and one cavalier and so far I have not let my dogs play with them because they are so cute.

Very nice

I bought this to fit in the bottom of my Chihuahua Timbuk2 backpack carrier ( Other blankets have to be folded several times and they take up a lot of the space at the bottom of the carrier. This one fits nicely just folded once and gives her more room to move around yet still provides a nice soft bed for her.

Chihuahua approved

I have a 13 year old Chihuahua who has had the same bed for many years. I have tried her with other beds but she will only use her old one. She will curl up on the bare floor rather than on a bed to be close to me. I tried the usual attempts to get her to like this new bed. I gave her treats on it. I put her favorite blanket over it. She suddenly decided that she really likes this bed. She will happily sleep on it while I watch TV or work at my desk. She only goes to her old bed when I leave her behind at home. It is very soft and squishy. She seems very happy with it.


I ordered this harness in Platinum for my Maltese. It was even more magnificent than its photo.

Love this collar (and matching harness and leash)!

My little lady loves to go to the barn with me and gets pretty dirty...I hand wash this collar often. It holds up well - High quality - Beautiful! The crystal dog paws are adorable and add just enough bling. I purchased the matching harness and leash (in both Red and Montego Blue) High recommend!

Plush and Soft

Love this little blanket for my puppy. It's very soft and plush and he just loves sleeping on them so I purchased two..

Love it!

The XS is a *perfect* fit for my ~6lb papillon! It's super-easy to put on and she doesn't seem bothered by it in the slightest. I would recommend this harness for all tiny dogs!


Jj my MalShiPoo loves his Hoodie and so does his Mommy. Perfect especially that the harness is attached

So cute!

I love this little pup toy! Now my little angel and I have matching orange boxes!


love this and he matches the blanket when he is on it until he moves you almost don't see him


Just Fabulous Jj looks so handsome in his winter coat
. the little Lady killer that he is. not looking forward to the cold weather that he needs it for.

Excellent Quality, Fair Fit.

Overall it is a good, quality product.

It looks good, gives me greater control than a collar, and allows my very active little guy the freedom of movement he needs.

My one gripe is that when the harness is adjusted to fit my dog properly the head hole is too small for me to easily put it on or remove it. I have to lengthen the neck straps every time. If your dog has a slender head and a thicker neck this will be no problem but for larger headed breeds with smaller necks or with upright ears it may take some fussing to get on or off.

Very cute.

My long-haired Chihuahua was between an xsmall and small ... since she is deep chested and longer I went with the small. Everything fits except the neck is too large. Easy to fix with a needle and thread. She does have a petite neck. She is 4 1/2 lbs. It is very cute dress and matching leash. I hope that giving her weight and size I purchased helps others when ordering. I wish others would do the same.

Little Elle loves her new blanky!

I am going to order another blanket for our 41/lb Maltese's car seat - she loves snuggling with it in her bed!

Beautiful collar!

Great quality , Very classy! Added bonus that it is vegan

Comfortable harness

This harness is easy to put on and my little Chihuahua seems comfortable with it.

Peluche Cuddle Cloud Bed

Jax has several higher quality beds but Peluche Cuddle Cloud Bed is the most amazing of all. Definitely worth the price especially when your baby is sleeping on a cloud of softness and comfort. I'm going to purchase another for travel.

Adorable tuxedo bib!

This is absolutely adorable, and looked even better when I got it. I was going to order the small but they were out of it, so I ordered the M, and glad it worked out that way, as the Medium is what I needed. I have a long haired Shih Tzu and it fit perfectly. The dog wears a size 14 collar, and neck measures 12". It is a very comfortable fit. I addes a little extra glittery trim, as I need this for a glitzy costume for a performance by the dog. but it is very attractive with out the extra, as well.

Relief at Last

The wizzer belly bands are great, they look sharp and work well. I have ordered several for both of my Chihuahuas, better known as pee hound 1 and 2. I highly recommend these for anyone with a pee problem.

Safety first

Worried about my small dog safety, super glad I purchased. The fit is good and the quality seems good as well

Just what I needed

So happy I bought two of these. Works great for my dogs with the seat belt and keeps them from coming into the driver seat and safe!

plush xxs harness

XXS Plush harness fits my 2.5lb maltipoo
perfectly! When she grows out of this one, I will purchase a bigger size.

Love it

So far the only harness she will tolerate. Easy on and off.


I bought these not because I have small dogs (I have big dogs!) But because they are PERFECT for my Wedding! Two of my dogs are in the ceremony and I didn't want a big ugly leash walking them down the aisle. These are dainty and elegant and match my wedding color! These are really well made as well!

Quality Buttery soft leather but not quiet a perfect fit

This is actually my second purchase. First one was years ago when my shihpoo was still puppy and the leg holes are too big that he often get out of it. After many more other chokefree leather harness, I come back to this because of the leather quality and no velcro, but again..size 5 fit my dog's 21" girth but those legholes are too big. He has stepped out of it twice since we have it 4 wks ago. Scrappy suggested a size 4, but I was afraid it will be too small for the girth measurement,however I am now sure the 4's leg hole would hv been perfect. All being said I still would purchase this in the future. The choice of colours alone and that soft-soft leather make it worthwhile, just gotta keep an eye open when he is tugging extra hard.

beautifully made

This is made of human grade fleece,not some cheap quality often found at most pet shop. Suit my Shihpoo's body size (bought the XL) and easy to put on too. The leather like harness ring is sturdy even though my dog is a tugger. Bought this for Australian mild winter

Cute but disappointing

It is a cute harness, but leash is very disappointing . The leash is too thin ( more like a ribbon than a leash), and too short. It should have a longer, more substantial leash with this harness.

It's been our experience that most consumers prefer a lightweight leash, and a 4-foot leash is by far the most popular length for small dogs.
Puppy love

New puppy Teddy has been for rides in the car in his new seat and loves it!

Tombstone and Candy Bats

Great toy. I have 2 French Bull dogs and it's hard to find toys they can't destroy.Toy seems to be great quality. They love getting the candy corn out of the tombstone. Hopefully they will last. So far so good.


Great toy. I have 2 French bulldogs and its hard to find toys they can't instantly destroy. So far so good.

Best bed I have ever purchased

We received this bed a month ago and our dog tells me he loves it and has never slept better. This could be the nicest and best quality dog bed I have ever purchased, also the most expensive, but the quality is really terrific! Our Shiba Inu crawled in and couldn't have been happier. Perfect bed for him. We may have to purchase another for our mini Goldendoodle.

Skimpy, not very thick.

11X16 barely covers anything, and very thin. Nice and soft however. Pricey for what it is.

She likes it. .

Especially the fuzzy lining. The only problem I have with it is that with her weight, 14 lbs. the straps slip and tilts the seat forward.

Pull more of the strap through the keeper then fold it back and run it through the keeper again. This should lock it in place.
Great dog tags for reasonable price!!

I purchased these id tags for both of my dogs, and I've gotten such positive feedback from others. I definitely recommend these!

The PERFECT harness!

This is the second one I've purchased, and they are just beyond awesome!!

Easy and comfortable

Was glad to find a harness small enough for our very small toy poodle puppy. The velcro allows for adjustments as she grows.The step in harness was easy to use and looks very comfotable.

Leash to match harness

A wonderful leash to match the perfect harness . The length is perfect, light weight for my little yorkie . A lot of compliments on this set.