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Puppia Dog Harnesses

Puppia Vest Harness

Puppia Dog Harnesses

Many pet owners prefer harnesses to collars for their pets. A harness distributes weight move comfortably across the dog's chest and shoulders, and may help with pulling or other issues while walking. Dogs can choke themselves on their collar, or slip out of a collar and get loose from their owner. Harnesses prevent these concerns while adding a fashionable splash of color to your pet's appearance.

Small dogs are especially well-suited to wearing harnesses, as it can be hard to find a collar that fits comfortably. If you have a small dog or are considering a harness for your canine companion, a harness may be exactly what you need.

Made of soft, breathable air mesh, a Puppia harness is designed as a soft vest. The vest is Velcro-adjustable, making it perfect to get exactly the right fit. The harness is made of light-weight fabric and designed for maximum comfort for the pet; the vest design offers a snug fight that the dog cannot slip out of or choke on, and is not stressful to put on the pet.

This harness is easy to put on your pet: Simply lay the harness on the floor, position your dog's front legs in the arm holes, and then fasten the Velcro behind the pet's back. The harness comes with two D-rings and an easy, durable snap at the back of the neck. The dual rings help to spread weight evenly, and offer security in the event that the snap breaks while walking.

Puppia harnesses are available in several different colors and patterns to match your canine's unique personality. A sweet princess can wear pink or purple, while a more rugged little boy can select black or camouflage. Whatever your pet's fashion, a stylish harness can provide functionality and sleek looks to your pooch on your next walk.

Whether your pet has problems pulling while on walks, slips out of collars, or has problems wearing other types of harness, Puppia can provide support and comfort to your pet. Available in several sizes and colors, and built to last from durable, washable air mesh, this harness will last a long time.

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