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PeTOTe small dog carriers are premium quality pet carriers designed and manufactured in the USA.  We love the quality and are confident you will, too.  The attention to detail shows in every bag and thought for your pet's comfort and safety are forefront in the design.  There are many models to choose from to fit almost any need you have or style and color to match your world.  Most models are approved for airline travel, but please check the dimensions and the type of aircraft you'll be flying to make sure it will fit under the seat in front of you.

The MARLEE bag is the most popular style and more closely resembles a designer handbag.  With the privacy flaps rolled down no one will ever know you have your little companion with you making it more like a sneak tote than a typical dog carrier.  The only problem is if your dog starts barking, then you might have to hightail it out of the store or restaurant when they blow your cover.  The Marlee comes in one size, approximately 18" x 7" x 10", and we strongly recommend referencing a ruler to size this around your dog before ordering just to give you some perspective on the size.

The METRO Collection tends to be a little more rigid bag than the Marlee.  It comes in 3 sizes, Petite, Small, and Large.  Metros come in many different colors and may be adorned differently.  Some may include a tassel, others quilted styling with faux snakeskin or even a dot pattern or reverse dots.  The price varies based on the features and materials used, but rest assured, each Metro is designed with your little one in mind.  Interiors are lined with nylon for easy cleaning and maintenance. 

RIO Roller Carriers from PeTOTe are and air travelers dream come true.  A spacious cabin area for your dog makes them (and you) happier.  There's a huge storage compartment on the front of the carrier and with double sets of quiet-running wheels, it rolls smoothly through depots.  The telescoping handle makes the bag easy to control and change position from upright to horizontal for sliding under the seat in front of you on aircraft.  Did you know the Rio Roller Carrier doubles as a backpack and a car seat.  We show how easy it is to use these different configurations in any of the RIO videos on our website.   

If you have multiple dogs and use different style carriers the PeTOTe models are typically available in matching styles in different models for a coordinated collection of pet travel gear. If you're considering your first PeTOTe but are uncertain about the right size, please contact us for assistance and we'll do all we can to help you make the right choice.