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Peluche Plush Collection

Peluche on Powder Puff Dog Blanket

Exclusive Peluche Plush™ Dog Bedding Collection

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Peluche, which translates to "plush," "cuddly," or "teddy bear" in multiple languages, is the name of our long-coat Chihuahua.  Her coat has always been long, plush, and soft as feathers, so when it came time to name our dog bedding line, "Peluche Plush™" was a no-brainer.   Every item in the collection has a commitment to carefully chosen premium fabrics which will provide lasting comfort for your dogs.  

Multiple sizes and styles are available to meet the needs of your pet family.  Starting with the small Carrier blankets which are ideal for use in the bottom of your carriers, car seats, or your lap.  It's advisable to have several and let some maintain your dog's scent.  When it comes time for trips to the Vet's office or traveling using the scented blankets should help calm them and better cope with stress.  A favorite size for use around the house, especially on beds and sofas, are the large throw blankets.  They are perfect for you to snuggle up with your dog or for multiple small dogs.  

We'll be adding more styles, colors, and sizes so please check back frequently for your luxury bedding needs.