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A truly imperial breed, the Pekingese has lived a life of luxury since before the 8th century. Pekingese were bred and kept only by the Emperors' court. Their life revolved around lounging in the Temples and announcing the arrival of the Emperor. The penalty for defaming or stealing any of the sacred dogs was death by torture.

The Pekingese of today is essentially the same as the Pekingese of Imperial China. Little has changed about the breed over the centuries. Pekingese are still loyal companion dogs entitled to all the better things in life, and they know it!

Pekes can be extremely jealous and possessive dogs, so proper socialization early is essential. Due to their self-important attitude they can at times be hard to train. They are, however, very loyal, brave, and affectionate dogs and will fight to protect you if it ever comes to that. They usually are one-person dogs, but will easily tolerate other family members. They do ok with older children if they are socialized.

It is very important not to over feed this breed as it is easy for them to become overweight. Pekingese need very little exercise, but just like all dogs they'll benefit from a romp or walk outside. It's important to train them early to walk on a leash. They do very well in apartments. photo by Karen Arnold

Pekingese require daily brushing and since they have a double coat they do shed, although not a ton.

The Pekingese was first registered with the AKC in 1906. For more information on this fascinating little breed visit the Pekingese Club of America website or the American Kennel Club. If you'd like to adopt a Pekingese in need of a good home, you can visit or


Size 6 to 9 inches tall
Weight Under 14 pounds
Accepted Colors All colors and marking are acceptable.
Coat Full-bodied, long, coarse top coat with a thick, soft undercoat.
Grooming Requires daily brushing. The coat is not cut.
Origins China
Registration FCI, AKC, KCGB, CKC, ANKC, UKC
Group Toy
Notes Also known as the Lion Dog.