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Organics for Dogs

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We all agree, natural and organic products shouldn’t be just for humans! We share this planet with the animal kingdom, it’s becoming imperative that we show the same concern for them as we show for ourselves, and our planet.

So what do we mean by organic? Toys and shirts made from ORGANIC cotton share these comparisons to conventionally grown and harvested cotton. Organically grown cotton uses untreated seeds and NEVER uses genetically modified organism (GMO) seed. Conventionally grown typically treats seed with fungicides or insecticides and uses GMO seeds for approximately 70% of US cotton.

Organic methods build strong soil through crop rotation. This retains water more efficiently thanks to increased organic matter in soil. Conventional farming uses synthetic fertilizers and loses soil due to predominantly mono-crop culture which requires intensive irrigation. Organic growers use physical removal of weeds rather than chemical destruction, then controls weeds through cultivation and hand hoeing. Conventional growers apply herbicides to soil to inhibit weed germination and repeat use of herbicides to kill weeds that do grow. Organically grown cotton relies mostly on the seasonal freeze for defoliation or may stimulate defoliation through water management. In contrast, conventional harvesting defoliates with toxic chemicals.

Conventionally grown cotton consumes approximately 25% of the insecticides and more than 10% of the pesticides used in the world. It takes roughly an eighth of a pound of pesticides and fertilizers to produce enough cotton for just one doggie T-shirt.

So why is that a problem? Many of the most common cotton pesticides are scientifically linked to serious health problems and toxicity in water, air and soil. Nine of the most commonly used pesticides are highly toxic; five are probable carcinogens. Organically grown fibers are unbleached, untreated, and unprocessed. Organic toys and shirts use only natural extracts from plants and minerals, such as gardenia seed, clove and chestnut bur to dye fibers. With SimplyFido™ organic items, your pet’s toxicity and allergy levels are greatly reduced. The fabric is naturally softer than regular cotton, due to improved soil fertility and harvesting methods.

What about organic food to keep pets healthy? Under U.S. law, food products that bear the organic classification must meet a series of independently verified standards set by the Department of Agriculture, including being cruelty, hormone and antibiotic free. You have more control over their intake.

“People are becoming more aware that if they adjust their animals’ diets, their animals can avoid certain illnesses, or perhaps require less medication for ailments from which they are already suffering,” says Dr. Narda Robinson, who works in the Department of Clinical Sciences at the Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital. “Organic diets take this one step further.” ---- Roxanne Hawn, The Denver Post, Feb. 16, 2006.