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Norfolk Terrier

Norfolk Terrier Dog Breed Information

Norfolk Terrier

Norfolk Terriers are thought to be a mix between the Irish Cairn Terrier and the small red terriers used by Gypsies to hunt rats. The Norfolk Terrier is very similar to the Norwich Terrier, with the main difference being in the ears. The Norfolk's ears are dropped while the Norwich's stand up. The Norfolk was bred to hunt vermin and other small game like its Gypsy ancestors, so it's no surprise that they still remain avid hunters of mice and rats!

Norfolk Terriers make great little family dogs. They're very sturdy and love playing outdoors, especially with balls. They're wonderful with children and are not nervous or snippy like some small breeds. They should not be kept outdoors all the time, as they thrive on human contact and will not be happy if they're cut off from their family.

Because they were bred to hunt in packs, Norfolks get along well with other dogs and should never be aggressive. They are spirited and self-confident little dogs and are a joy to have around the house. Some have been noted to be jealous, so if you have multiple dogs make sure you distribute your love and treats equally with this breed, as they're apt to notice if you lavish your attention unequally!photo by Jaap de Waard, NTCN

Norfolks are healthy dogs and frequently live past 15 years of age. Although they do not need a ton of exercise they are energetic, and will burn off much of that by running around your house. They love playing and zipping around, and will do ok without a yard.

If you would like more information about this great little breed, you can visit American Kennel Club at If you would like information on adopting a Norfolk in dire need of a loving family, you can visit


Size 10 - 12 inches tall
Weight 12 pounds
Accepted Colors Red, Wheat, Black and Tan
Grooming Weekly brushing
Origins England
Registration AKC, FCI, UKC, CKC
Group Terrier
Notes The Norfolk is the smalles of the working terriers.