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Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso Dog Breed Information

Lasa Apso

For two thousand years or more you could only get this little breed in Tibet. They were bred by holy men to act as watchdogs to the monastery, and were considered sacred animals. It was believed that when the Lhasa's master died, his soul would enter the Lhasa's body. They were extremely rare outside of Tibet and it's thanks to the Dalai Lama that the breed is available in other countries today. He offered these little dogs to foreign dignitaries as gifts, and as a result the whole world has discovered how great they are to have around!

The Lhasa Apso makes a wonderful pet, but they do not do well with young children who rough-handle them. They are affectionate, joyful, intelligent dogs who need an owner that is dominant. If they don't have one, they'll assume the "top dog" role in no time! Consistency is key in training this breed.

They are friendly but due to their watchdog background they are suspicious of strangers. Thanks to this they are barkers, but true to their nature they will sound much bigger to a burglar than they are!

Lhasa's do not need a lot of exercise and do well in apartments. They still enjoy playing outside however, and love being out on walks. They travel very well. 

Lhasa's are very healthy little dogs and are astonishingly long-lived, averaging 15-18 years or more. They do need daily grooming, and with a tendency to tear it's important to keep their faces clean.

If you would like more information about this great little breed, you can visit American Kennel Club at www.akc.org. If you would like information on adopting a Lhasa Apso in dire need of a loving family, you can visit www.lhasaapsorescue.org or PetFinder.com.


Size 10 - 11 inches tall
Weight 13 - 15 pounds
Accepted Colors wide variety
Grooming daily brushing
Origins Tibet
Registration AKC, UKC, CKC, FCI
Group Non-Sporting
Notes The Lhasa is a very healthy little dog