Interview with Susan Lanci – G.W. Little

Interview with Susan Lanci

Meet Pet Fashion Designer Susan Lanci

The Ultra-luscious Ultrasuede® Collection by Susan Lanci Designs, Inc. features "Unparalleled luxury, appeal, performance and ease of care."

G.W. Little is proud to offer the ultra-luxurious and ultimately practical line of fashion accessories made exclusively of Ultrasuede® just for small dogs. Susan Lanci, along with her business partner and husband, Dennis, originally designed the extraordinary Bailey Harness Vests and Tinki Harnesses for their own precious Yorkies, none other than Bailey and Tinkerbelle. They now own five sweet Yorkies and have recently added a precious Maltese to the family.

The Lanci's always enjoy dressing their sweethearts to the nines. While walking them one day they were approached by a bigger, not so friendly canine. (Many of us with small dogs may have experienced this moment of panic when your little one seems vulnerable. Your instinct is to snatch them up in your arms quickly, but you can't reach down to grab them fast enough.) So Susan Lanci went straight home and used her years of expertise in the fashion, art and jewelry industry to create the perfect solution. Now we're happy to offer it to you, our small dog pet parents.

The Tinki Harness features sturdy Velcro attachments at the neck and tummy to keep a secure fit while removing any pressure on the trachea, which collars do. The D-ring on the back for lead attachment allows you to walk them in high fashion and pick them up with a quick tug on the lead. Be sure to consider Lanci Vest Harness Jackets which serve the same purpose as well as providing them warmth and high fashion for your little dog. The matching Ultrasuede® leads are lightweight, soft and supple on your hands, yet provide the strength of much heavier leads.

There's more to the collection! The matching Ultrasuede® Collars are so light and comfortable your little dog will barely know it's there, and each has a D-ring for I.D. tag and charm attachment. All Susan Lanci items allow you to create little dog high fashion ensembles, especially when finishing off the look with the popular matching hairbow with crystals. Every piece is lovingly sewn to the highest standards, and all adornments such as Swarovski crystals are applied by hand. That's why every piece is guaranteed!

We're most proud to bring you the GW Little exclusive Little Love Collection, a collaborative series of shirts, harnesses, bows and blankets by Susan Lanci Designs and available only from GW Little. Your little ANGEL will look heavenly in them.

We also feature many Susan Lanci T-Shirt and Dress fashions. The ultimate fashion statement can be found in her Raw Silk Holiday Swarovski Dress premiering in GW Little's Holiday selection in '06, or her current talked about sensation- The Garden Party Swarovski Dress!

Susan Lanci was recently Crystallized by Swarvoski® Crystals for her commitment and outstanding use of the finest Austrian crystals on dog clothes.

And you better believe when she introduced blankets they were the softest, most luxurious "blankies" your little one could hope for- check out the Curly Sue blankets and Cuddle Cups! There's even a Susan Lanci Button Bed in Luxesuede!

See all our Susan Lanci Designs when you enter "Susan Lanci" in the search bar.

Most importantly, every Susan Lanci walking item is made from upholstery grade Ultrasuede®, the "miracle" fabric, created to be worn by your little dogs year-round. Want to learn more about this exquisite material? Read on.

Ultrasuede® Care
"Carefree" instructions might be more appropriate. Consumers and designers alike appreciate how easy it is to keep Ultrasuede® looking beautiful - and feeling soft and plush for years to come.

Everyday Upkeep - A quick once-over with a medium bristle brush will restore the sensuous nap and soft luster of Ultrasuede®.

Laundering/Dry Cleaning - Ultrasuede® is designed to be machine-washable. All Ultrasuede® fabrics can also be dry-cleaned.

Stain Removal - From red wine to black coffee, most stains can be spot-cleaned with just a touch of mild soap and water. Please don't ring them out, however. Tougher stains may require a mild cleaning fluid which you can purchase at most hardware and drug stores.