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Hugh Hefner - The Girls Next Door

Hugh Hefner

Pets and Their Stars

"Hugh Hefner and The Girls Next Door"

How many animals are here at the mansion?
(Holly) There are a total of 9 dogs here on the property. We also have 100 different species of birds and 3 different species of monkeys; we have 1 spider monkey, several tamarinds, a lot of squall monkeys… and one kitty. This is "Panda", one of my four dogs and she is the little rebel of my group.
(Brigitte) I'm here with my dog, "Wednesday". Everybody thinks I got him on a Wednesday, but his name comes from "Wednesday Adams" of the Adams Family.
(Kendra) My dog I'm holding is "Martini", she is a Corgi and is addicted to chasing balls.

How do you spoil your dogs?
(Brigitte) "Wednesday" gets to go on hikes with me, and she got some doggie goggles that are so cute on her. I put pink bows in her hair and I groom her myself. She gets lots of treats and toys andshe sleeps in bed with me.
(Holly) I just spoil them with a lot of attention. That is the one priority in my life.
(Kendra) I feel like I think about my dog more than I think about myself. I always play ball with her, she loves her toys.

What do your pets mean to you?
(Kendra) Responsibility, and I think they have given me a lot of discipline in life. I feel like once I have kids I will have a little experience having to be a mom.
(Brigitte) I think having a cat and dog reminds me to slow down and live life a little bit more and just take it easy.
(Holly) My dogs are such a big part of my life, I just feel like there is such a big connection to home. It just reminds you that there is so much more out there when they depend on you that much.

Where does Hef get his Big Heart for animals?
(Holly) Hef has loved animals since he was a child. Some of his favorite stories were "Dr. Doolittle" and he liked zoo's and museums when he was young. When he moved to LA he was then able to collect monkeys and birds. We have professional zoo-keepers here. They're a great source when we have questions about our dogs.

Who's the oldest dog of the house?
(Holly) Archie is the house dog. He's a rescue so we don't know how old he is. Hef got Archie long before any of us were here. He looks like a German Shepard mix with no tail. Apparently he was prone to open all the doors around the mansion and they would shut behind him on his tail, so finally they had to have it docked.

- Written and photographed by Christopher Ameruoso