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Healthy Dog Tips

Dog at Spa with Cucumber Eyes

Healthy Dog = Happy Tails

The recent massive dog food recall was frightening for all pet owners, but it highlighted the need for us all to monitor carefully what we feed them. You can’t just rely on favorite brands or time-honored traditions anymore – you must read the labels and do the research to find out what they mean. The same thing applies absolutely to anything we give them as medicine or put on their skin and coat. Thank goodness companies are now producing items made from all-natural ingredients that are completely safe for use on our little ones.

Your Vet and Groomer should help you out with this, too. Don’t be afraid to ask your Groomer if she uses all-natural shampoos, conditioners, eye-care products, flea and skin treatments, and sprays. If she doesn’t, ask her to stock them. In the meantime, when you take your dog in for bubbles, give her some trusted products to use on him. Let’s change the world one bath at a time!

My vet is the best. She uses the traditional medicine if the situation calls for it, but will offer natural, gentler cures first if appropriate. Her growing clientele is a testimony to her attitude and success. She offers acupuncture, chiropractic therapy, Chinese herbs, and homeopathic medicines, and I couldn’t be happier. I have an adopted dog who is scared of his own shadow, and one who’s terrified of storms. When I asked her for help with them, instead of prescribing tranquilizers she suggested homeopathic drops. They’re so good; I take them too when life gets stressful! Daily preventative pills and potions, such as immune-boosting enzymes or vitamins, can help stop them from getting sick and needing drugs such as antibiotics in the first place. A knowledgeable vet will help you find these great products. And one who’s prepared to switch between the two worlds of traditional and alternative therapies is just who you need on your side.

We want our small companions to live long, healthy lives. Now we have the power to help them do just that. Get reading, and get the right team!

- W. Dunham