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GW Little Affiliate Program

Join the G.W. Little Affiliate Program

You have the potential to earn cash by promoting on your website.

It's Easy! Apply for our FREE Affiliate Program through Refersion.  Upon approval, you'll have your own portal where you can search through our prepared banners which will automatically contain your unique tracking code. It's simple, fast, and accurate.  Anytime you send us a customer who makes a qualified purchase you will earn a commission and it's all visible in your personal login at Refersion. It's that easy!


What type of websites should affiliate with us? Of course, if you run a dog-related site we are a perfect match! Breeders, Groomers, doggie day cares, dog blogs, online dog chats. You name it if it's small dog related we are a match made in heaven. Even if you don't go "bow-wow" over small dogs, lots of people do and we like to reach people who care about their pets.