French Bulldog

French Bulldog Dog Breed Information

French Bulldog breed

The Frenchie has probably one of the most illustrious histories of all dogs. It’s thought that English workers originally took smaller bulldogs with them when they traveled to France in search of work. When they settled, the littler bulldogs began to gain popularity, especially with the street-walkers (prostitutes) in Paris. Photos and postcards can still be found of these women posing with their artistic looking Frenchies! As time wore on the upper-class begin to discover this cute little breed, and it was considered “risqué” for them to own the same type of dog so beloved by the Paris street-walkers.

The Frenchie we know today is a very laid-back, sweet, pleasant dog to be around. They make a great family pet, but aren’t recommended for families with young children. Frenchies are very playful, affectionate dogs and love being the clown in the family. They get along well with everyone, including strangers, but sometimes can display same-sex aggression towards other dogs. If you’d like to get a Frenchie and you currently have a dog, it’s recommended that you get a Frenchie that is of a different sex.

Frenchies do need attention and will not do well if they are ignored. They can be willful and independent, and will thrive under consistent, patient training that is not harsh or physical.

Frenchies do not need a lot of exercise, and because of their laid back personality they are well-suited for apartment life. Because they are a flat-face breed they cannot live outside, and should be watched in hot weather for signs of over-heating. They will benefit from daily walks immensely, as they have a tendency towards gaining weight if they don’t get some exercise.

This breed can be prone to eye and respiratory problems. They have difficulty swimming because of their body frame so make sure they’re always supervised around swimming pools, lakes, and ponds.

If you would like more information about this great little breed, you can visit American Kennel Club at If you would like information on adopting a French Bulldog in dire need of a loving family, you can visit or


Size 12 inches tall
Weight 2 classes: 19-22 pounds and 22-28 pounds
Accepted Colors Black, White, Fawn and Brindle
Grooming Very easy to care for
Origins England and France
Registration AKC, UKC, CKC, FCI
Group Non-Sporting
Notes Frenchie's are very happy-go-lucky dogs



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