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Dogs Around Water

Chihuahua on bow of boat

Keeping Dogs Safe Around Water

Yes, it's true; plenty of dogs can instinctively swim. But that certainly doesn't mean that pools or lakes do not present a danger to your dog.

Even the most skilled canine swimmers can become tired — whether it be from overheating, or simple overexertion — and become disoriented. Having your pooch wear a life jacket can alleviate any worries, giving you the confidence of knowing that they can doggie-paddle to safety if need be!

Senior dogs require extra supervision in the water, as their swimming abilities may gradually weaken or they might accidentally slip into the pool and panic. A life jacket can prevent a simple slip from turning into an awful ordeal by helping your pet to afloat.

Plenty of boat owners wouldn't even dream of going out on the water without their furry best friend. But they should also refuse to go out without their buddy donning a life jacket! The water might seem inviting, and beckon your dog to take a swim, but it's hard for them to judge the depth or temperature of the water. Water that's too cold could cause hypothermia (and although the water may seem fine for humans, dogs are much more sensitive to a chilly ocean than we are). Should your dog decide to take the plunge, and then regret it, a life jacket will enable them to stay above water and come right back to you. It could also avoid you having to jump in to fish them out.

Statistics show that 1 out of every 1,027 pets drown each year in the U.S. alone. A life jacket ensures that your beloved best friend may safely enjoy the water and isn't part of these scary stats. Let's keep summer fun and fret-free!

- S. Athanasiou