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Dog Wedding Planning Tips

dogs getting married

I Now Pronounce You Pooch & Wife

Here comes the bride - and she barks!

A dog wedding can turn into the event of the year for friends and family, and a few simple tips can help make it a safe, stress-free festivity.

Dressing your puppy for the big occasion can be whatever you like, but always be certain that your little one is completely comfortable with it since he or she will be wearing the outfit for the duration of the celebration. While some dogs might fare well donning a full wedding gown and veil, others might only allow a fancy hair bow. There are options for any pup's preferences, so don't be discouraged if a tux and tails is out of the question; a simple yet elegant black bowtie attached to a collar can work, too!

And what's a wedding without cake?! You'll need two: one for the bride and groom and all their furry friends, and another for their "people." For the canine cake, why not buy several Jell-O molds and fill them with a mixture of ground meat and chopped liver, add a little bit of unflavored gelatin (used to hold the shape of the mold), and refrigerate overnight? When the "cakes" are set, remove from the molds and stack one on top of the other for a true wedding cake effect. Then slice and serve one piece per doggie guest! Spread plates out on the ground so each doggie "guest" has a place to feast.

Food may be the focal point of many weddings, but too much of it in this case can turn into a fiasco. We don't want dogs fighting over treats, and if too much food is easily reachable and out in the open, that's just what is bound to happen. Additionally, too much eating might create upset tummies. To limit food and make sure everyone is content, create special bags (perhaps pretty shopping bag-style gift bags that can be found at your local party store) that contain fancy, decorated treats. To prevent the frosting from sticking to the shopping bag, place the treats in a smaller cellophane bag first. Make similar gift bags for humans filled with decorated cookies!

Most importantly, have fun! Don't forget that this is a doggie wedding; things will not always go as planned. If your beautiful bride decides to engage in a game of chase with the best man during the ceremony, or your groom becomes heavily preoccupied with a treat while he's supposed to be paying attention to his vows, so be it. After all, those are the very things that will create the cutest wedding memories!

- S. Athanasiou