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Dog Treats


My how times have changed. I remember when buying a big bag of milk bones constituted my dogs’ treats for a month, and I thought all those colors were so pretty! Now I know better. Those cute colors came from artificial dyes and were probably toxic. We know so much more now about ingredients in our own food and also in our dogs’. I read labels all the time, and after the recent pet food recall, I am vigilant about what goes into my babies’ mouths. It’s never worth taking a chance. Thank goodness that more and more companies are now manufacturing totally safe pet food and treats with all-natural, domestic ingredients that not only don’t harm our pets but very often will help them. One of my dogs is a collie with hip and joint problems. I love giving her treats that taste great and at the same time offer a quick dose of glucosamine and chondroitin to help keep her mobile. One of my terriers is a little overweight, so he gets low-fat goodies. Many varieties offer help with teeth-cleaning, and that’s good for all dogs. Make sure you only buy treats you trust, or they may end up just being nasty little tricks!

   – Wendy Dunham