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Tear Stain Mystery

White Poodle with Tear Stain eyes

Tear Stain Mystery

There are many different causes for tear stains, everything ranging from allergies, clogged tear ducts, to excessive tearing. Not only do the stains mar the cuteness of your pooch's face, but due to the constant moistness they can also foster fleas and become breeding grounds for yeast and bacteria. Yikes. At least we're able to go get facials!

If your dog does have stains, there are many remedies available, but we caution against using any harsh chemicals or drugs. Instead, we suggest using products made with natural ingredients with zero bleach or artificial whiteners.

Eye Envy is a topical stain remover that works on the hair itself. Their pads contain a cleanser, an astringent, and even an anti-bacterial. Unlike many other similar products, it does not contain harsh bleaches or dyes, which often make the hair more porous and allows the stains to set in (making them even harder to get rid of).